Sunday, October 24, 2010

Invitation Time?

We have a date...a dress ...a venue..... and now we need "save the dates." I'm trying to figure out if I want to design them myself (and the invitations) and figure out the printing somehow....or just outsource it all (since I already have a somewhat busy life) - but either way....started to look at some pretty typefaces, just in case I find the time! :)

I really am loving Brownstone. It has a whimsy that is just delightful and is both geometric and legible with some pretty ornate elements.

Phaeton just makes my heart sing - it feels like an old medicine show meets Tim burton. There is something about it that just feels so me.

Businessman Penmanship, also designed by Umbrella type, is an ode to 1800's script business penmanship - so it feels fluid and authentic while also looking really poetic and quirky.

Mary Read is a modern handwritten typeface inspired by the wind and the sea. Harsh curves are combined with graceful swashes. It feels funky and modern and also lavish at the same time.

I just love Nelly Script. It is the font for Lovely Bridal in NY and I see it used a lot on wedding invitations, boards and the sort. I love that is maintains the calligraphic feel of thicks, thins and bumps while also just being breathtaking.

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