Wednesday, October 28, 2009

List of things I saw today

I've realized, now that I am working 8-6 (or as you can see, 8-7!) that I don't really have enough time to ponder or create a full blog unless I do it when I go home (I don't even touch the computer once I am home though). So, instead, I thought it might be nice to at least have a fast rundown of all the fun things I ran across while I was researching, considering, thinking, or eating lunch.

When researching about creating a holiday card for a client I came across this fun site for wooden printed goods some of which were very cute
also found a neat illustrator trick for making wood textures

then I ran across there very fun and quirky illustrations for Wayne Pate while reading a cute little blog called Modern Craft. Modern Craft has a whole bunch of beautifully hand done illustrations and designs and a whole bunch of give aways....anywho, Wayne Pate's posters embody the cool retro aesthetic always gets our attention and are a bit reminiscent of Lyle Lyle Crocodile, Alexander Girard, and a little David Hockney.

I also ran across this beautiful piece of art on Grain Edit which is for Mike Cina's jazz mix. Mike Cina works with YouWorkForThem.

then I found another fun blog Black*Eiffel...which I recommend checking out for anyone who likes a little design and lifestyle.

Ok...I missed a bunch. But I need to get's getting late.