Friday, January 15, 2010


I just like this blog...because it is cute

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I want

Love these new dishes from Allison Fox

and love these - but I definitely can find them for less.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Josh Goleman

God's Gonna to Cut you down / Run On

I was watching Walk the Line when the SouthLAnds commercial came on with the most magnificent song. Did some research - Johnny Cash's version of "run on" or "God's gonna cut you down" - a traditional folk song, typically played with more lively rifs. But since I am more melancholic than chipper, I prefer the Johnny Cash version - you tell me which you prefer.

Commercial Type

So what do you think of the use of Neutraface for Wendy's? Or Archer for Aflac and Well's Fargo? Is that taking a good thing and beating it to death like Helvetica, or even Papyrus (in the days that it was a new font) or is it a representation that people are starting to notice and value good type? When does a good thing turn sour with respect to typefaces and fonts - is it overuse or misuse and where does one draw the line?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's research

while flipping through my blogs today I came across Boarding Pass/Fail which is a personal project for designer Tyler Thompson to redesign the boarding pass so that it is less confusing, more straight forward and prettier (as is always a goal for the designer).

I found this initiative very interesting because I fly all the time, and when I was at the AIGA memphis conference I attended a very similar presentation by David Gibson of Two Twelve about issues with USPS's "sorry we missed you" form - and how confusing and terribly put together that is. Design in the public sphere is sadly overlooked making everyday things - such as post office slips and boarding passes - difficult to understand and decipher. Form and function people...form and function.... and that's exactly what Tyler Thompson's newly designed boarding passes are attempting to do.

Similarly, his buddy Dustin Curtis took a stab at redesigning the American Airlines homepage to make that more understandable too... see here.

If you are having difficulty coming up with some New Years Resolutions, Monina Velarde's website will give you a few ideas. And I think that the website is pretty - simple, mustard yellow with cute type.

Found new work by design firm Parliament of Owls:

Parliament of Owls is the design work of three designers: Ariana Dilibero, Meg Paradise and Lauren Sheldon.

This is a fun website to peruse - The Dollar Dreadful. Fun type - and I have no idea what the booklets really are....if someone wants to buy one and tell me, please let me know.

Design websites for PTARMAK who did work for The Chop Shop

fun type from Village - a place to purchase type from lesser known type foundries, such as Feliciano and Type Supply.

Antreposhop - very expensive things from Antrepo Design

Speaking of stuff - another great source for tchotchkes - The Curiosity Shoppe.

And one day, when I have the money and time to redesign my house so that it doesn't just look like a hodge podge of crap, I will want to emulate Emma's aesthetic per Graphic Exchange

any maybe buy my furniture from here.