Saturday, January 17, 2009


RIch Internet Applications

the next step in creating brand affirmation via a desktop experience - aka no interruptions from banners, popups and additional web pages.

check it out! RIA I particularly enjoy the Mini Cooper Desktop App

citizen journalism

My virtuality class is having me do some research on technologies that are either up and coming into the marketplace or are beginning to take a strong hold on the community. In my research I have discovered some interesting things about social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Earlier yesterday US Airways A320 Airbus leaving from JFK crash landed into the Hudson river...a few minutes later there was a posting on twitter by Janis Krums accompanied by an iphone photo that said "There's a plane in the Hudson. I'm on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy"

A few minutes later, there was a video posted on Youtube of the crash landing, and of the 3 minutes it took to get all the passengers safely off the plane. The article of which I am referring asks if the old media is being scooped by social media. I think that is a good question--Are Twitter, facebook, and Youtube a new source of information in this age of citizen journalism?

so then, as a result, I joined Twitter to see what it was about. It seems to be a way to allow people to let friends know what they are currently up to. Some people "tweet" regularly...every few hours...and some not so regularly...but it leaves an interesting trail documenting someone's day to day feelings and occurrences.

I think this idea of citizen journalism is interesting. With expansive technology that makes first hand accounts more easily recordable and more abundant, accounts of news reports are a lot different. Are they more human? Do we feel more touched by these tragedies now that some dude on the ferry is able to tell us exactly what he is feeling--"crazy"? What does this mean for journalism.

I read that Joe the Plumber is now on a citizen journalistic mission to Israel to report the current war in Gaza...will people care more about his reports?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movie&Art: Visual Identity

I just came across an awesome example of a branding campaign done by a company called Bola Sociology Design, and I didn't want to loose the web I am sharing it with you all.
The Movie&Art: Visual Identity chose a simple and flexible graphic element which could be reinvented and not discarded at each new phase of the studio’s history. The line was chosen because it symbolizes connection, continuity.

I think that their imagery is really beautiful and delicate. I also love how they were able to integrate it into everything, from commercials, to collateral, to packaging. It is a beautiful example of a cohesive brand project.
Look here

via ffffound!

Durex "Get it On!"

I love condoms

So this "get it on" video is here I am spreading the virus....apparently everyone is writing about it too.

(via Eddie Snyder...from PC)


From Reddit, popular social bookmarking website (270-odd comments)

Made it to the Spike TV's homepage, and featured on Spike TV's Viral page:

Fresh Samantha

Do you remember these? I do.....then Odwala ate them up. But Fresh Samantha was better...and the packaging was cuter too...more of a story.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went to the supermarket in search of my Low Acid Tropicana and it took me forever to find it because of their stupid new packaging design.

I mean, can you tell the difference?

You used to be able to tell by the colors...and now the colors are similar and you have to really read the fine print

in case you haven't figured it out yet...this last one was the low acid 
I think I'm going to start drinking Minute Maid

Look I can read what I want instantly - that's what the consumer wants people....not some generic-looking, overly-designed package with hierarchy problems and a sideways logo. Speaking of which, Tropicana, what is that about? Do you want people to tilt their head confusingly to the side to read who you are?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So I was looking up the seal for the city of ann arbor...and ran across this sleeping baby seal. could you not want one? They are sooo sweet.