Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Beautiful things for the wedding

Though I've been organized about lining up vendors, I've been less successful trying to visualize our actual wedding and have yet to think about colors. With a little help from The Inspired Bride, I'm hoping that I will become inspired.
In this color scheme, I really love the pop of orange and the emphasis on the fall season. When I think of fall, I think of deep aubergines, rust, baby blue and other reds, yellows and leaf yellows, and I think that color scheme represents all of these elements in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

In addition to etsy, I also recently was enlightened about a site called Wedzu - "the etsy of wedding things." What I love about Wedzu is that it separates wedding elements into different categories, such as "accessories," "Ceremony & Reception" and various other categories in order to make browsing more accessible. So much fun.

Table markers from etsy

Love these earrings

beautiful invitations by Mitchell and Dent

something lovely for my bridesmaids?