Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Accessories

Since I've been checking my blogs over the past 3-4 months, I've compiled quite a lot of stuff that I would potentially want to include in my wedding - but the most fun stuff has been accessories. Here are a few of my finds:

Wedding Designers

So the wedding planning has begun - well...I've started to do research. But there are so many good ideas and interesting ways to go it is pretty overwhelming. Something I have been researching a little is wedding designers.

A wedding designer has a different role from a wedding coordinator or a wedding planner, though it seems that her role will merge a little with both the coordinator and the planner in that it is her job to make your wedding beautiful - so I would assume that include vendor coordination and wedding day set-up.

Two of the prominent Atlanta wedding designers I've been looking at are:
Joy Thigpen, Ashley Meaders - I've seen both of their weddings on Oh Joy! and Once Wed

In addition to wedding designers there are the planners and the coordinators.

A wedding planner is a seasoned professional who can confidently guide you through the entire wedding planning process. From engagement to the grand exit, they are your experienced guides in the world of all things wedding! They help you plot the course down the aisle and are there to answer questions all along the way. Often a wedding planner will also have a hand in event design. They will proffer ideas and inspiration for the “look and feel” of your event and help you secure vendors who will contribute to that cohesive vision.

A wedding coordinator, by contrast, is not necessarily deeply involved with the wedding plans. Their primary function is to facilitate a smooth-running event on the wedding day itself. They often jump into the picture a month or so before the wedding to gather key information and create a timeline. They may help you iron out final details and contact your vendors to confirm contract obligations. On the day-of, they run the show and ensure that things go according to plan.

I have a feeling I'm going to need a wedding coordinator - but...first we need a date and venue!