Friday, October 10, 2008

You eat what you touch Campaign this witty, or gross? I can't tell!

Awesome Packages

Thanks to The Dieline, a lovely array of packages for inspiration.
Simple but beautiful popcorn packaging, using simple photography in order to show the qualities of the popcorn:

redesign of synergy's dietary supplements:

As research for our newest Project Packaging assignment: Kroger!!! 

Major UK retailer Sainbury's is releasing its SO organic wild rocket salad in new biodegradable packaging. The packaging is made using Amcor NaturePlus compostable film:

that's all for now!

Design Salaries 2001-2007

I only hope that, with the current economic circumstances, the salary market for designers continues to rise!!!
unless Coroflot is crap!!

how cute

I wish I knew what it said, or where it is from....

oh well!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspiration for Popcorn Project - Japanese Doritos

I was doing a search online for packaging and snack food design to help with our first project packaging assignment - popcorn box and bag.

I needed to switch my researching method because I now have 2 full and 2 empty bags of various types of popcorn, all eaten within 2 days - yuck!

and in my research I came across this:

wow!!! notice foot in crotch!
(and yes they are legit, not someone's design project)
and then I did a little research...

Apparently, these were called (back in 2007 when they came out) the "nut-crushing" series.
The type says: “denki anma,” or “revived by an electric nut-grind!”-- a phrase that is derived from  Japanese porn.
The chips themselves are black corn, chili-taco flavored and are part of a line called “Tights-kun Doritos,” or “Buddy-boy in tights Doritos.” Mr. Buddy-boy in Tights is a popular adult cartoon character in Japan. Apparently they became collectables...I mean who wouldn't want a cartoon porn star on their snack bag?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reactable and Tenori-On

Domenic just enlightened us in class today...the reactable - from Barcelona, Spain (Bjork used it in her last album)

holy cow!

and then I started talking to Rachel (M. not myself) and she told me about the Tenori-On
another holy cow!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

why I fear chicken

is it cooked...I don't know

Global Economics?

can someone please explain this one to me? I don't get it!!! Why did our dollar gain value in one of the largest financial crises the US has seen since...oh I don't know...the Great Depression?
is it cause I keep seeing all the Europeans here, vacationing, and buying our stuff?  ;) 
When I was in NYC, I expected it...when I was at Lenox, I definitely did not! 

I was reading an article in the NY Times discussing the effect of the Bailout in the European market, but this article, put out by Reuters, was a little more explicit about the recent increased US dollar value.

toot, whistle, plunk, boom

I own this video, on VHS:

do you all remember watching the owl tell his tales about music...if is another. It was as series in the '50's called "Adventures in Music" -- though I've only found two on youtube to share:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

W. movie

is anyone else disturbed by this? I am not sure if it is supposed to be funny, or sad, or scary....

Personally, I'm scared. I don't know if I want to relive any of this, even if it is meant humorously...and living in the south, I am worried I will be lynched if someone sees me walking out from this film (I'm being half serious, and half comical...just incase.)

here's one trailer:

I am sure that it was strategically planned to come out near to elections. But, to come out during the end of his term -- rather than after -- so strange. I guess it is proof that he hasn't taken away our freedom of speech yet....but be careful...we still have some time yet before someone new takes office, never know what is going to happen between now and then.

and another:

and then everyone freaking out about it:


hoodry ipod holders

OMG - how cute. Came out in 2007, called the Hoodry speaker designed by Jason Siu, one of Hong Kong's toy design artists. He, along with Michael Lau and Eric So, contributed to the urban vinyl designer toy movement. He became well known in the west for his "Speak your mind" series of figures with speakers for heads. There were only 30 of these guys - I missed it - and it was sold through Kid big surprise here!

Facelift - Days Inn/ Walmart / nicorette?

I noticed as I was driving today that the Day's Inn logo got a facelift.

and I noticed on TV that Walmart's logo also got a facelift.

then I saw a commercial for Nicorette...did this get a facelift too?
I don't know? do you?  

In looking for this image, I noticed the Nicorette seems to be all over the place...capitals, lowercase, different colors. someone give them one direction please!!

Target Prescription bottles

was talking to Michelle about this.
Maybe someone will see one of my designs and patent it!!! that would be nice :)