Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspiration for Popcorn Project - Japanese Doritos

I was doing a search online for packaging and snack food design to help with our first project packaging assignment - popcorn box and bag.

I needed to switch my researching method because I now have 2 full and 2 empty bags of various types of popcorn, all eaten within 2 days - yuck!

and in my research I came across this:

wow!!! notice foot in crotch!
(and yes they are legit, not someone's design project)
and then I did a little research...

Apparently, these were called (back in 2007 when they came out) the "nut-crushing" series.
The type says: “denki anma,” or “revived by an electric nut-grind!”-- a phrase that is derived from  Japanese porn.
The chips themselves are black corn, chili-taco flavored and are part of a line called “Tights-kun Doritos,” or “Buddy-boy in tights Doritos.” Mr. Buddy-boy in Tights is a popular adult cartoon character in Japan. Apparently they became collectables...I mean who wouldn't want a cartoon porn star on their snack bag?

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