Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Branding Branding

So, I know I am a little delayed, but I just came across this project that Target had going on in NYC called Bullseye Bodega - They set up kiosk stores around Manhattan and featured designers at Target prices for only four days (limited time engagement). The whole point was to re-establish brand loyalty by addressing the needs and concerns of the consumer in this current slow economic period. This also seemed to show consumers that Target is a brand that finds targeted products for their consumers.
I think it was smart.

This new type of branding is interesting.

I noticed that something similar is happening with McDonalds in Japan. They've opened up stores called "Quarter Pounder" where they are only selling QPers with or without cheese. There is no McDonalds branding anywhere, no golden arches, no yellow and white and red. They've stripped down the Branding and the colors to that it is simple message, simple food, simply good.

I love this striping down of branding that is going on - it is also questioning the integrity of products. When economy is slow, it is product integrity that makes people purchase. You buy what you know works, what you know to be true, and these companies are doing that. I think that that is what Starbucks was trying to do with their limited time only logo, but they need to strip down more than that and recognize that their product has become iconic. Go back to basics.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Method Baby

When I was at Toys 'R Us yesterday, I ran into some of Method's packaging for babies, and thought it was too cute and wanted to share my photos (and other people's better photos).
I really love Method's stuff, and now I see that you can get it outside of Target, which is neat!