Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unbirthday presents - or engagement gifts ::wink wink::

So my sister today asked me about a registry - I told her that I hadn't even chosen a date yet for our wedding let alone thought about what we need... but then she got me thinking about all the lovely things that I would want and my list is already growing

Anyhow - if anyone wants to surprise me with an unbirthday gift - or surprise us with an engagement gift that is one of the following things, I would be more than thrilled!

We don't currently have the space for a grill - not that our fire alarms would allow for us to have a grill pan...but a good old cast iron grill pan will be nice for when we move to a place where the smoke detectors don't go off all the time (which will be soon) - this one is a Lodge

My mom bought me Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cook book and all the soups call for an immersion that would be nice - since a regular blender (or at least the one we have) isn't cutting it!

This would make my life so much easier when I want to eat carrots in my salad.

I love these plates that they have right now at Anthropologie - I just love the nautical themes and the Kraken (or as I discovered today from the Sketches of Creation by Alexander Winchell the cuttlefish - see page 112)

Jonathan Adler is amazing and very creative - his whimsical platters, salt and pepper shakers and other kitchen accoutrement make me very happy.

ok - my not to subtle wishlist has begun

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