Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some SVA staff and posters

I'm wondering if I want to invest in the 2009 Feltron Annual Report. Nicholas Feltron is a designer and organizer based in NY. He is a master of mapping data and creating really interesting, dynamic and organized infographics for clients such as Wired, Real Simple Magazine, Time Magazine and He also is one of the men in charge of - a website for collecting personal data. He is in SVA's interactive department.

Beautiful identity work from Graphic ExchanGE from a company called MyORangeBox. MyORangeBox (or MyORB) is Lucie Kim's art/design company located in NYC. She describes her work as "curious, intriguing and playful" - I like the sound of that. Lucie currently teaches at SVA and is a full time designer. I really love the website, it is "curious, intriguing and playful", as is her work.

Also loving the beautiful work by Adam The Velcro Suit

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