Monday, April 20, 2009

The New York Trilogy

I've finally begun doing stuff for my portfolio - yay. It only took my two weeks to get started. I am not really rolling yet, but I am thinking, which is the first step to rolling.
I started to do some more research concerning The New York Trilogy, being I really like the books and would like to redesign the covers I designed for Hank's class, since I pretty much did those all in one day! I remember having read a really helpful review on The Book Design Review about how The New York Trilogy is oftentimes pigeon-holed with images of the empire state building on the cover. Meanwhile the glory of The New York Trilogy is the psychology of the characters in their space. Design Observer's guest blogger wrote it best, "The urban unconscious is structured as language and pattern. Space is a character." 
 "Cities are accident machines, generators of random encounters with people, places, objects, and self. Life as lived or constructed builds a narrative route through this collusion of unexpected and familiar events."
Michael Sorkin, I think, is right on. Auster's work appears simple, but characters struggle and are faced with enigmatic consequences to their own existence. I'm revitalized to redesign my covers, and reinspired by some art.

Let's begin

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