Monday, March 30, 2009

Maps and Legends Dust Jacket

Artist Jordan Crane designed this interestingly constructed dust jacket for the McSweeney's edition of Michael Chabon's compilation of stories, "Maps & Legends." I love that McSweeney's has the capacity as a small, but well-established, publisher to spend extra money and care on the design and execution of their novels. The first McSweeney's book I bought, "You Shall Know Our Velocity" was also interestingly printed, with the story actually beginning on the cover and on the inside fly sheet of the book:

The Crane Jacket consists of three belly-bands that whimsically wrap around the book in sections--oceans, jungle and flatlands. Crane is able to add little elements of interest throughout that make you want to peel off the dust jacket and see what is happening underneath. I would like to see the book in person, although I already have a long list of books I am in need of reading.

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