Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seeqpod, Ourstage and Linguistic Experience

Another quarter, new projects.

First class - called Linguistic Experience. Seems that the focus will be on how to communicate ideas to a client. And as always, it begins with us making up a company to communicate about, both visually and verbally.

I decided to go the route of music this time. I haven't done that one in a while....I have bicycles, Bible, made up band, 9/11, magical realism, Marat/ it is time for internet and music.

Unfortunately, it seems that every company I try to make-up already exists!! I guess I am going to have to create a competitor instead!!!

In the meantime, I am discovering a lot about music filesharing online, and how new independent artists are using the web to DIY their way to success...and I got to find out a little about Sub Pop's History

The website that is closest to what I was proposing on creating is called Though, a Wired Blog article  had a response about Ourstage back in 2007 that said: is on the right direction, but at present, it lacks the necessary audience to become a site that reflects a general consensus on good music.Any band can tell members and members can tell friends to go judge and offset the balance between quality and poor quality music.
At merely 500K unique visitors per month, is nowhere near the almost 50 million unique visitors commands.But, it's precisely that number of audience that this site would need in order to become the relevant site and music source it aspires to be.
One need to check on each music category the song positions to discover that it makes no sense whatsoever.
Beautiful or great music can be found at the bottom of each chart while real garbage can be found on the top 40.
The reason again is not enough audience and too many musicians and band members and friends of band members, tampering with the judging process.
One possible solution to eliminate this, is to offer no money or prizes and thus, only people with real interest in the judging process would be interested in participating.Most songs after entered, move usually 9 positions at a time depending on a 3 level voting scheme: "I Like it (1) slightly, (2) more and (3) by far".Songs move also, by virtue that others are being judged and displaced from their previous positions.In the end, the computation is erratic at best and even chaotic, but one thing they got to quickly correct was, not allowing musicians to enter 2 songs on the same music category.
This presented the problem that the songs would occasionally show up competing one against the other.It maybe a great way to promote, but by far absolutely inaccurate at ranking good music.Let's hope this catches one because only millions of users could make judging a more balanced process.Otherwise, as a user, I really don't take offense in seeing my tunes ranking at 1000 on the site, so you shouldn't either.Don't upload anything here if you have a big ego.Thanks for reading.

I was also looking at Platform One Entertainment which led me to a filesharing site called SeeqPod which led me to the ability to embed songs here I think, like so:

it has been a fun internet day. Glory to web browsing

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