Saturday, October 4, 2008

Emigre Magazine

Just realized--or discovered--that Emigre used to have a magazine when I was reading about Non-Format. 

looks like they had a really nice run -- from 1984-2005. Just falling short of my entry into the design world (rats!). Some of their magazine editions are available for purchase from Emigre's website...though seems that most of them have been claimed throughout the design community.

Reason I got there was Non-Format design firm mentioned that their name is derived from an Emigre magazine (Emigre 57), which read as follows:

In an age when the boundaries of geography, gender, vocation, style, art and politics continue to bend and blur, no area has gone through as rigorous a transformation as the physical storage of data, leaving in its track a slew of obsolete formats.
Designed and edited by Amsterdam's Experimental Jetset, Emigre 57 is an homage to lost formats—a celebration of customized mixtapes, obscure computer discs, and forgotten standards. The issue, while questioning its own physical manifestation as a magazine, reminds us how once each format used to contain its own specific data, while today the CD/DVD format is capable of containing ALL data, setting the stage for the final step, the mythical non-format.

was thinking about this with respect to my linguistic expression class...

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