Friday, September 19, 2008

Pre Birthday shopping

Is it terrible that I am slowly amassing a list of things that I would like for my birthday...or not for my birthday, since some of them are a little pricey and some are just for fun
and I am a little embarrassed about some of them
nonetheless, here I go:

need I say more. How funny. I only wish that they were blue or red like the dixie cups. This and the "I am not a Paper Cup" cup are on the same exact level, but quirky and fun nonetheless

I actually do not want this for myself...rather, I was going to get it for Ashley for her birthday cause I do think that it is fabulous. I don't really have use for something like this, and she is a crazy coffee drinker, and its witty...come on, plastic as ceramic (I only hope that people realize it is not actually plastic before it is accidentally flung unto the floor). This reminds me of the NY cups that were turned to ceramic not too long ago....but this is more generic, and better for someone who lives in...say...Eugene, Oregon ;)

I think that theses are just the cutest, most design dorky things to I want it!!! For those of you who are not designers, Pantone is a universal color system that enables designers 
to make sure that a color is consistent from printer to printer. They do this by using a Pantone spot color, instead of a CMYK basically Pantone is a paint bucket that is already pre-mixed.
These mugs are so cute cause they embody that design niche that I am trying to delve into...and cause Ken and I would like some espresso mugs and I want to be a little indulgent about them :)

Although these are absolutely absurd, they remind me of Picasso's Harlequins, which I have always loved. I thought that it would be another fun collectable for me to have, since I seem to be into collecting things to put into shadow boxes on my wall (although none are in shadow boxes yet). I am a particular fan of doll #6. Seems like they are rereleased in batches and you cannot always get some of them. I also think that Hank has one or two in his office!

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