Saturday, September 20, 2008


are these not the cutest shoes ever:
it's a shame that I cannot buy them in ATL, cause all I needed was a few more hours to figure out if I liked them or not, and then perhaps they would be mine.

Today I wandered around Manhattan with Mikaela and ran into Jump Shoes, where Mikaela proceeded to get a pair of real cute white leather "man" dress shoes. Me, I was looking at these puppies, the Muse Shoes, but was indecisive due to my fear of rubbing heels. Apparently my mother is wrong when she says that it is abnormal for shoes to have "break-in" time...all shoes need a little breaking in. I only wish that I had the patience for that. If shoes don't work the first time I wear them outside, I give up. 

Hopefully Mikaela taught me a lesson, cause now I am sad that these babies don't belong to me!!!

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