Monday, July 28, 2008


So, Hank is having me do a presentation on Joseph Muller-Brockman.

In my research I found a firm that will not even hire potential candidates unless they know this man and his work. 

Muller-Brockman was apparently very important; the father of "New Graphic Design" or Neue Grafik as they say in Switzerland; a pioneer in Swiss design; proponent of strong geometry and total abstraction in order to create emotion via logic.

Having been strongly influenced by the Constructivists - Malevich and Rodchenko - and their attempt to create a new visual language, Muller-Brockman decided to go back to the basics...scrap all noise and return to the bare essence. I always loved that about the Constructivists...Malevich's "Black Square."

Well...Muller-Brockman, father of the modular grid and lover of mathematical precision. 

I'm always telling Ken that there is a strong relationship between the practical and the aesthetic with graphic design. Escher, Muller-Brockman...they were artists, designers and thinkers...we aren't all crazy!


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