Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Architecture Posters galore!

SO...Stefan pulled an interesting assignment on us today for GA Tech, involving some of the principles we've been discussing in class, and he mentioned that he wanted to perhaps reach the same kind of aesthetic caliber as Michael Bierut achieved when he worked with Yale School of Architecture on poster design.

All I can say is wow....gotta love Michael Bierut and Pentagram.

I read that Bierut was inspired by Willi Kunz who had a strong relationship with Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture and Planning. 

Kunz only used Univers, Bierut had fun....we will see where this project goes. Personally, since I seem to be in a Buckminster Fuller and Josef Muller-Brockman mood these days, I think I will look to them for some inspiration, and perhaps some Wolfgang Weingart.

This is cover detail for Forty Posters for the Yale School of Architecture that Mohawk did for them.

and these are some of Bierut's posters...

This poster he worked on with Marian Bantjes, gotta love her emotive work. 

and just for shits and giggles, thought I would share some of Kunz's stuff from Columbia:

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