Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23 inspiration

The day before a holiday is always a slow day at the office - but for me, it has given me an opportunity to catch up on my design reading...and share a few things:

The Summer Basel workshop on typography

The Webble! It's a footrest that gives you "360 degree movement," which would be really great for me at work considering I am sitting for about 7-8 hours a day. I know its sounds super nerdy, but my lower back and ass are telling me that a little leg movement would be a great thing.

A book of 826 National's designed wares. I'm a huge supporter of 826 and have blogged about them numerous times. In Michigan, I was just a fan because I loved what the organization was doing with creative writing for, as a designer, I am inspired by the random and silly creations that are designed and created both for and by 826. I would love the opportunity to contribute at some point!

Concept for a fully recyclable cell phone for Nokia

more tchotchkes for me to collect

The designer Camilla Lillieskold, who has some beautiful work.

Brion Hopkins and Leigh Miller wedding photography.

The London Underground Typeface Explained

And, of course, and interview with Paul Auster about 'Invisible'...the next book on my reading list.

Happy Holidays everyone

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