Saturday, March 28, 2009


Once again, I experienced another wonderful Fringe experience, especially on a rainy night when all the movies in the theaters are not worth my time or money.

Aimed at young adults and families, Fringe makes classical chamber music more quotidian, intimate and tangible. The audience is not only able to actually see the musicians--and the sweat on their brows--but also can feel the music in the small environment, while sipping our affordable beer, wine and water. Fringe takes all the wonderful things about classical concerts and merges them with elements that make people comfortable--good company, laid-back environment and a lack of elitism of any sort.

Tonight was nothing less than wonderful. We had the opportunity to listen to another intense Shostakovich number with interesting and electrifying cello harmonics, and a lovely Mendelssohn trio filled with a dancingly playful piano suite.

This is the second time I've seen Shostakovich played at Fringe, and both times have been worth every second. The first time, we listened to String Quartet No. 8, and this time, Piano Trio No. 2.

I have to say that the price, the atmosphere and the company make this the best approach to classical chamber music ever. I have every intention on going again in May.

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