Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They've Arrested Shepard Fairey!!!

Artist questions police's timing of his arrest on graffiti charges - The Boston Globe

The recent arrest of Shepard Fairley asks an imporatant question: what is the difference between art and vandalism? and what is the price of fame?

Fairley had lived incognito for a while as he started tagging OBEY ten years ago. It looks like living as the anonymous tagger was safer than stardom. Although I've recognized and known Fairley's work for years, it was his recent Hope Obama poster that elevated him to celebrity status, and put him in Urban Outfitters and the Washington National Gallery.

I think Banksy has recently exposed himself too. Or rather the press is trying to expose him. Are these expositions a bad idea? I think so. Leave the artists alone and let them be our dark knights!!!

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